All In the Timing


We live on a tidal marsh, and much of the day we look out over mud flats. But as the tide rises, we can escape to the sea by motoring our little boats under a very low railroad bridge, allowing us access for an hour or two on either side of high tide. Can't make it before that, and can't make it after that. In order to reach the open ocean, we have to time it  j u s t  r i g h t.  

I’m interested in perfecting my timing.

This past summer, as we were navigating our way, I was struck by the parallels between my family’s journey to reach the sea, and the collective journeys of our souls. 


As we sputtered through the clumps of green algae and invasive weeds, and tried to move fast enough to escape the still-air bites of no-see-‘em gnats, we kept our eyes on focused on the clear, open water at the mouth of the inlet, and the breeze that is always present. Reaching that openness is always worth the ride to get there. 

When the patterns in our lives mirror the patterns of nature, I believe we can take this as a sign that we’re moving in the right direction. We’re in sync. We’re in Flow.
And the flotsam and jetsam that alters our course, is also part of that Flow, part of Nature. 

Today I’m going to work on trying to accept the debris in my path toward Integration, and understand that it is somehow part of my Integration too.

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