The Fear We Were Unprepared to Meet

photo by Jasper Wright

photo by Jasper Wright


Great conversation last night. Thank you all! Sifting through partial thoughts now.

About safe spaces, and fears we were unprepared to meet. 

About Karen’s unusual confusion and frustration with words.  And something else… 

About our need for safe boundaries when experiencing creativity>artistic expression>psychic energy>and Flow.

Help me here, but I believe this is Jung’s idea, about libido - That libido is best described as psychic energy, and not to be limited as just sexual energy.

If this is true, then when we are enlivened with creativity, and feeling the incredible psychic energy of a Flow state, we might be said to be in a state of high libido. What if the intention of this creative libido energy is misinterpreted as sexual energy by some others? And what if they are drawn to us, in a sexual way, because of this energy, and their attention blindsides us, because our only intention was to engage in creative expression?

I imagine I’m like thousands of other women in that I never received any nurturing about the need for protecting myself when I was in a creative state. Boundaries? Ha! Never heard the word. I just kept putting myself out there until I collapsed from confusion and exhaustion.

And here’s another thing I believe about Creatives -  it might sound a little woo-woo, but I believe that  many of us are Old Souls. Our souls have been dipping into the pulse of the universe for perhaps thousands of years. That’s a lot of psychic energy from the collective unconscious. And for me, that’s where the connection to Flow is found. But it’s a strong energy, this connection, and we need mentoring on how best to express and share it. It’s a gift, but if not valued and treated as precious, it can become a curse.

When Old Souls enter new lives again, as young girls, young women, what if these souls have a stronger connection with Flow at a younger age, before the artist understands how best to honor her gift?

We are bound for the experience of violation. Not only of our selves, but of this rich history of our souls.

Ah yes, that strikes a chord.

Wondering about Old Souls>Flow>Violation>Fear>Confusion.

Could this be the fear we were unprepared to meet?

My son took these pictures at his school last night, and I see such talent and such vulnerability in these young women. Instinctively, I want to hold them and keep them safe. I want them to be nurtured on how best to honor their creative gifts.

to be continued in "The Energy of Flow"