"How is Love Permeating Your Life?"

An Open Letter

Dear, tender Demaris,

I love how soft you were in your presentation, how real, how beautifully human.  This conscious shift you spoke of, from honoring the left brain to honoring the right brain, is a good fit for you. And the effect of your quiet leadership is very inspiring.

Last night, unbeknownst to you, you mended a long-collapsed bridge for me. 

You gave me faith that it is OK to reside within the voices of the soul and the poetic.

I have a confession. When I first read your book, “Jung and Feminism,” our classes hadn’t yet started, and I was terrified that I simply didn’t have the intellectual capacity to participate in this group. Our ‘bible’ was visionary, but felt so dense to me! I read your words, but my mind kept blurring. I could understand, but it took effort to do so. I had to read, and re-read, and highlight and take notes…

You have no idea how much relief I felt when you said that you only wrote that way because you had to. You had to answer to patriarchal academics. I get this. I had to too.

I’m remembering the comments on my papers in college, “Soulful, but where’s the proof?” “Nice imagery, but substantiate your claim!”… In order to get A’s, I had to change my orientation to match theirs. I faked it in their world of left-brained relationality, but it felt like non-relationality to me.

You said we need a love strong enough to disrupt a patriarchal view.

Well I believe you have shown us this, in deconstructing your own well-received words, and offering us a simple prompt - 

“How is love permeating and informing your life?”

Love gives me the ability to forgive.

Love  gives me the energy to leap into the unknown.

Love is the only thing that matters as I mentor my child.

Love has always been my preferred orientation, but childhood trauma rendered it suspect.

Imagine that! Love as suspicious.

If we could all just drop the questioning, the ruminating, the trying-to-make-sense, and just accept the small aspects of beauty available to us each day, then we might enter a new sense of time.  We need a time “older than the time counted by anxious worried women, lying awake, calculating the future, trying to unweave, unravel, and piece together the past and the future, between midnight and dawn.” (T.S. Eliot, Dry Salvages).

Yes, I can feel in the vision of your words that our time has come. To speak simply and clearly. Without affect. Without the desire to please. You've given us permission for Soul Speak.

And I have a feeling that the effect of our actions will be enough to render a fundamental shift. A shift that honors love, kindness and compassion. This is the picture you’ve painted for us. And this is the way I hope love will inform our lives.

with gratitude, S.