"What Stories Inform Your Own Sense of Exile?"

Song of Miriam, by William Gale

Song of Miriam, by William Gale

note: originally posted Jan 26, 2018 in The Emerging Feminine, FB Group

Silvia Behrend, your talk on Exile was cinematic! I went to bed with images of Miriam and Eva Peron rolling through my head, and woke up with a song in my heart and a lightness in my step - Thank you for your passion and inspiration.

I love your take-away question for us, “What stories, personal, collective, or archetypally coherent, inform your own sense of exile?”

Still pondering, and have a question that others may have too. I’m sensing a connection between your question, and Loralee’s take-home question from two weeks ago, “What are the ways in which you’ve erased yourself, when did it start, and did you take action to stop it?”

I’m wondering if someone with a story of self-imposed exile, although very different from your story, may find their story relevant to both questions. To be more clear (and personal), I put myself in a sort of exile at the same time I started erasing myself. It seems like they go together….

I’m wondering if the two questions could go hand-in hand, as part of the same dance/journey? Do others feel a connection between these two questions as well?