Transformation through Trauma

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note: originally posted Jan 5, 2018 in The Emerging Feminine, FB Group

Thank you, Loralee, for your warm and open-hearted introduction to “A Voice No Longer Silent.” I will take you at your word, and dive in deep!

I've been considering your prompt, “What are some of the most transformational experiences in your life?”… and I’ve discovered that all of mine have been rooted in trauma. Oh dear. But I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone. This is true for so many of us.

One transformational moment still holds a particularly vivid place in my mind. Years ago, I wrote down the images of this experience as an exercise in creative visualization. I called it "Glass Houses, Glass Doors" and thought that would be the end of it.

But it still holds me. There’s more I need to do with this memory, artistically, but the form of expression it might take still eludes me.

I hope this course will help all of us connect with our own personal inventories of imagery that defines us as individuals. And I hope we may learn a safe and promising way to share these images with the world.

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(link to "Glass Houses, Glass Doors" story to be added soon)