"How Do We Shift From Scarcity to Generosity?"

note: originally posted Feb 9, 2018 in The Emerging Feminine, FB Group

Dear Well-Maidens of Manna, (Thank you for this apt naming, Silvia Behrand ;-)

I’m thinking today of gentle men. Men with strong feminine sensibilities. Sensitive, intuitive, creative, collaborative -

My 14 yr old son is like this. And he has suffered so much already. From bullying, exclusion, and ridicule. He has no close friends, yet his heart is overflowing with a generosity toward life.

Because of his sex, he will never be considered a Well Maiden, but nevertheless, he needs our care. His kind will not flourish without strong feminine encouragement.

How do we nurture young men like this to stay true to their gifts?

As we closed our discussion last night the question was posed, “How do we shift our psyches from a scarcity mentality to a generous mentality?”

Perhaps one way is to acknowledge that we are not so very different from all men, and that in fact, there are probably many more men than we realize who share the same pains and regrets that we speak of in our private women groups.

After all, generosity is in the soul, not the sex. All of the generous souls I have known have also been gentle souls. And odd as it may sound, I have actually known more gentle men than gentle women. Many also happened to identify as gay men, but almost as many were not. But they were all men who valued connection over competition, and were willing to be vulnerable.

It seems to me that one way to begin a transition from a scarcity, or fear-based mentality to one of generosity, might be to become more inclusive. Someday, as we grow more sure-footed, I’d love to see groups like ours not identified by our common sex, but instead, by our common souls.

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