"Archetypes, Angels and Ancestors"

note: originally posted on Feb 2, 2018 in The Emerging Feminine, FB Group

Muriel McMahon, listening to your presentation on Archetypes, Angels and Ancestors was an exotic journey into the depths. It felt like sailing the Salish Sea on a moonlit night - filled with nature’s energy, mystery and wonder - thank you! So many ideas to hold and explore, I need to grow my container! 

For now, I just want to react to your epiphany-on-the-frozen-lake: “The past is ahead of us, and the future is behind us.”

Sounds so simple, but I am still dumbstruck with its effect. It’s a complete paradigm shift, and makes so much more sense this way! If we see our past as footprints laid down before of us, then it is no longer haunting, but inviting. We need not fear it, but use it as a guide, and improve upon it when we can. We need not repeat it unwittingly, or unknowingly because it is there, in our line of sight - we need only to refocus our eyes to see it.

I’m thinking of this not only in terms of our ancestors, but also in terms of ourselves. For me, my past was one of developmental trauma, and I was caught in the cycle of repeating my missteps, because I couldn’t see the circumstances sneaking up on me again. But with your suggested orientation of looking ahead, it seems we can honor our missteps, and in doing so they lose their destructive power. Yes, perhaps they got a little lost along their way, but this feels like a forgivable transgression, instead of a threat. With your gentle approach, we can learn to step forward without fear.

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