About ME

Imagine my surprise, in this my 60th year, to come upon the realization that almost a third of my life has been only half-lived... Indeed, like so many women my age, I find I've been erasing more and more of my self, over time.

Although I've enjoyed a very active and loving family life, for the past 20 years I've shared little of my inner self with friends, acquaintances or my community. And I gave up my career when I got married and had a child.

Slowly and steadily, it got to the point where I had nothing to say for myself. I could talk forever about my son, husband and their projects, but when it came to me, I simply had nothing to say.

I wish to change that, and leave a footprint once again when I walk, whether it's barefoot on a sandy beach, or with my fingers on a desktop keyboard.

This blog is a conscious step away from the inner silence, and toward the creativity that inspired me when I was young. 

As a Creative, I've valued collaboration and education above all else.  I worked as an actor, writer, voiceover artist, publicist, and tutor in CT, CA, NYC, and the West Indies, for over 25 years.

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Shaler McClure Wright

Niantic, CT